About the X-axis

With over 60 years of experience in spinning ring manufacturing, The X-Axis is acknowledged as the leading global supplier of spinning rings and ring travellers from India. The sheer dependence of Ring Spinning machine on Spinning Rings and Ring Travellers makes them the most influencing components for spinning machine's productivity. The Rings & Travellers by The X-Axis are an extraction of companies indigenous strength, which comes from company's immense global market experience. The X-Axis follows the best International standards of manufacturing.

The X-Axis has varied product range to meet every kind of Ring Spinning requirement. The X-Axis is among the top brands in the world having wide global presence and acceptance. 

The X-Axis’ NEXT manufacturing process combines precision engineering and top of the line technologies, leading to excellence across every quality parameter.

With NEXT spinners across the globe are empowered to unlock gen-next spinning quality. Spinners across the world, face similar challenges. Crucial among those are :

  • How does a spinner generate desired fineness in yarn without replacing spinning machine?
  • How to spin at high speeds and yet have reduced yarn hairiness?
  • How to control effects on twist variation during manufacturing of yarn ?
  • How to optimise CV of yarn count during the ring spinning process?

The spinning rings and ring travellers from The X-Axis enhance the critical quality parameters that spinners need, they are : Tensile Strength, Surface hardness, Fatigue Strength, Wear resistance, Friction reduction, Corrosion resistance.

Rimtex Group

The Rimtex Group of industries is among the foremost manufacturers in the world serving needs of Textile and allied industries. The group has a firm footing in innovation and excellence which makes them a leader with a wide global reach in over 50 countries. The group has a collective experience of over 6 decades in the manufacturing sector.

Manufacturer of short staple and long staple spinning rings and ring travellers

Among the world’s largest supplier of sliver management systems having patented sliver can technology

Kalpar, is one of the largest castor wheel manufacturer in India, with a production surpassing 1.5 million castors per year.

Manufacturer of wide range of material handling and internal transportation solutions for textile industry.

Producer of high grade Gin and pressed cotton.

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